Food Service

Panther Café

Breakfast Hours:
7:30 a.m. until 8:10 a.m.

Breakfast Prices:
Free (for students who qualify)
$0.30 - (for students who qualify for reduced price)
$1.75 - Elementary
$1.75 - High School
$2.50 - Adults

Lunch Hours:
11:00 a.m. until 11:25 a.m. (K thru 2nd)
11:25 a.m. until 11:45 a.m. (3rd thru 5th)
11:47 a.m. until 12:14 p.m. (6th thru 9th)
12:17 p.m. until 12:41 p.m. (10th thru 12th)

Lunch Prices:
Free (for students who qualify) 
$0.40 - (for students who qualify for reduced price)
$2.80 - Elementary (K thru 6th)
$3.05 - Middle School / High School (7th thru 12th)
$3.85 - Adults

Offer Vs. Serve
Chassell Twp. School utilizes the "Offer Verses Serve" method for meal service. This provision allows children to choose food items that are offered rather than requiring them to take all foods listed on the menu. Students must choose at least three of the five food categories offered at Lunch. Student are required to select a minimum of a 1/2 cup of fruit or vegetable with each meal. Using this method reduces unnecessary food waste, acknowledges students' independents nature and ability to choose, and allows students to try new food items without having to take the entire portion.
It has been proven that parents who discuss food choices and encourage children to eat a variety of foods have a positive impact on a child's nutrient intake.

**Allergy Form- for students with Allergies
Parents-We recognize the importance of your childs dietary needs and we will insure that your childs needs are met. We however request your help as well. Please make sure you fill our form out and return it to the school office. ***WE MUST HAVE A FORM FILLED OUT BY A PHYSICAN'S OFFICE SO WE MAY PROCEED WITH THE NECESSARY CHANGES.***

Summer Meals - Where to find them...

"Choose My Plate" USDA Dietary Guidelines
This link is easy to use and can give the veiwer a wide area of information about diet, calories, nutrients & exercise.
As you know the USDA has given us new Dietary Guidelines to follow which must be implemented in this upcoming school year. As Chassell School's Food Service Director, this new tool will assist me in plannning our school menu as well as monitoring calorie intake along with essential nutrients. It will assist parents as well as students in planning their daily food intake. There is also some fun things for the younger set as well. Enjoy!!